Singida is one of the poorest areas in Tanzania, located in the middle of the dry savannah areas in Central Tanzania. The area is among the least developed the country, and is heavily affected by a number of health problems including female genital mutilation, tuberculosis, HIV, malaria and other tropical diseases.

Together with Chiku Ali and good friends from Norway, we have built a school in the village Samumba, Singida, called Unyahati Primary School. The school has enrolled children since in 2007, and currently has 460 students across 7 years, i.e. primary and middle school (norsk: Barne og ungdomsskole). In the first cohort (kull) that graduated, 30 out of 40 children successfully continued to secondary school. Among the successful students, 17 were girls and 13 boys, which is an important achievement to prevent early marriages.

For the last few years, we have been collecting funds to start a a health centre in Singida. The aim of the centre will be diagnosis and treatment for local patients with particular focus on infectious diseases, and to do training activities for local health personnel as well as students and doctors from other countries. We have already facilitated exchange projects for several Norwegian and international students in Singida and Dar es Salaam, and want to expand on this activity. In addition, we have a long-term goal of creating an environment for “work-and-learn” training for doctors and students from Norway and elsewhere. All activities will be in support of and collaboration with Singida Regional Hospital and other hospitals and health centers in the area. The centre lies near Lake Singidani, just outside Singida centre.

More info on how to contribute to these projects will follow here.